Next week CPIP members from across the country will be grabbing their bags and converging on Creech Air Force Base as the first stop on the CPIP interview visits.  In order to visit as many bases as possible in a short period of time, we will be splitting in two to double our bases.  Want to know when we will be at your base?
CPIP Visit Schedule

You’ll notice we differentiate ourselves from past studies in our aggressive timeline, this is not going to be an easy project to be a part of for our members. Weekends will be crushed, travel will be constant, and the days will be long. We have scheduled the out-brief to ACC/CC for 2 October.

Is neither team making it to your neck of the woods?  We’ve got options.  We’ve sent the electronic surveys out to most every unit in the MQ-1/9 enterprise at this point.  If your unit hasn’t received the survey yet, it won’t be long, we missed a few and are taking corrective actions – leave a comment if you feel like we still missed you so we know who to reach out to.  If you want to give us feedback, but aren’t going to be able to meet with us face-to-face, see our earlier blog post about ways to communicate with us at the CPIP team: