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September 2015

Update from the Road

Today marks a week since (51) MQ-1/9 Airmen of different backgrounds and disciplines hit the road. Hundreds of interviews later, with all of the varying functions involved in getting the mission done, one thing is blatantly evident Continue reading “Update from the Road”


Today, Training. Tomorrow, Interviews.

For those of us coming in from out of town, we made it to Vegas in one piece. Today, the fun begins. We get to meet our entire team, together for the first time. Accompanied by our Six Sigma/AFSO 21 trainers, we will all Continue reading “Today, Training. Tomorrow, Interviews.”

CPIP in the News

For those who haven’t read any press on CPIP, maybe looking for more details on what we’re up to and some insights from our project lead, Col Troy Jackson, picked up the Langley PA story. Head on over to Continue reading “CPIP in the News”

CPIP Interviews

So what will a CPIP interview look like? Lights? Cameras? Someone in a suit with a PhD in Statistical Analytics asking you questions that feel almost clinical? We wouldn’t give candid feedback in that setting Continue reading “CPIP Interviews”

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