So what will a CPIP interview look like? Lights? Cameras? Someone in a suit with a PhD in Statistical Analytics asking you questions that feel almost clinical? We wouldn’t give candid feedback in that setting, so why would we expect you to?

We have gathered a group of peer selected individuals from the MQ-1/9 community and will be training them how to interview. This means you will be interviewed by people of similar rank, attended similar training programs, perform similar jobs, and undoubtedly feel similar to the way you do. By training them on how to interview, we capitalize on their expertise in their respective fields to help continue the dialogue without using leading questions or guiding the conversation to meet any personal agenda. If you have a topic you want to talk about for 45 minutes straight, that’s your call. Are you more visual and want to create a whiteboard worthy of a weapons school briefing or one that rivals the following? That’s your call. Disclaimer: no whiteboard demonstrations required, but we know our audience, someone is going to show up with 4 colors of whiteboard markers and ready to cover a whiteboard in ideas. FreshPaint-0-2015.09.02-11.17.36

You can expect a CPIP interview to be a comfortable setting, no wrong answers, just open dialogue. Our interviews will be one on one among peers having a discussion and trying to see if there are good things happening in the enterprise, things that can be fixed, and how they relate to the culture of the MQ-1/9 community. We know there will be MAJCOM specific feedback, and we are prepared for it. We are going to be trying to make ourselves available to anyone who wants to take the time to talk to us, looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

Featured image credit: Staff Sgt. Carolyn Herrick