For those of us coming in from out of town, we made it to Vegas in one piece. Today, the fun begins. We get to meet our entire team, together for the first time. Accompanied by our Six Sigma/AFSO 21 trainers, we will all receive training on how to execute interviews without injecting biases, using leading questions, and generally providing the best possible environment for candid feedback. This type of training was the critical enabler for previous similar efforts, letting peers interview peers, but giving them the skills to do it properly.

Tomorrow, we will be putting this newfound skillset into action as we begin interviews. The word has been getting out, but it can always reach more of the community. We want to talk to everyone who wants to talk to us. It’s a big goal and we know that, but that’s what we hope to achieve – give everyone a voice. We keep talking about how what you say will go direct to leadership without a filter, but the point is probably too vague. Speaking to us, your message is going to be given directly to General Herbert J. “Hawk” Carlisle by briefing on 2 October 2015.


Come and chat with us, let us know your concerns – if you come with proposed solutions as well that’s more than welcome. We will gather all the feedback and present it without filtering to the ACC Commander, an opportunity many of us in the community have never had. Please find some time to give us your feedback on the blog, email, Facebook, or in person when we come to your base. It’s your feedback that will make CPIP a success.