Today marks a week since (51) MQ-1/9 Airmen of different backgrounds and disciplines hit the road. Hundreds of interviews later, with all of the varying functions involved in getting the mission done, one thing is blatantly evident – the community wants us to succeed just as badly as we ourselves want to succeed in making lasting changes for the better. They want fixes to an enterprise where they are passionate about the mission, but have things they’d like to see changed and remain changed for long term health. A quick update on our two team structure and where they’re at:


One of our groups arrived at Houston, TX yesterday and will be doing interviews there today.


Our other group showed up at Holloman AFB for the first of two days.

The feedback we received from the spouses so far was so impressive that we are sending a member from each group back to speak with spouses and continue to perform face-to-face interviews on September 19th. More information to follow as we iron out the details.