CPIP seeks to identify challenges and stressors that detract from mission effectiveness and/or the morale of the Airmen within and supporting the MQ-1/9 enterprise. CPIP is fueled by an aggressive grassroots feedback program designed to quickly provide our most senior USAF leaders with actionable recommendations. CPIP will solicit input from the field (at all levels) using a combination of junior functional expert teams and tailored surveys aimed at our senior field leadership and RPA base families. The ultimate goal of these functional teams, surveys, and assessments is to identify challenges, even those that may be difficult to identify and address, and propose solutions to senior USAF leaders.

Are you a member of the MQ-1/9 community or a family member of someone who is? We want to hear what you have to say! Email us at ACCA3.A3M.CPIP@us.af.mil or use our “Contact” page to provide anonymous feedback. Our effort can only succeed if we get honest and candid feedback from our service members as well as their families.